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Welcome to Growing Up Together, a study on four phases of spiritual growth in the life of every believer. We're so glad that you are joining us for this course which lays a foundaton for the mission of God's Church. We encourage everyone to grab a workbook and to join a small group if possible for a discussion on each weekly topic. Workbooks are available at the church in the short, wooden cabinet in the classroom, or you can purchase one online here. As we launch this study, videos will be available below when the weekly topic comes up, and prior videos will be available here as well. Please feel free to email Pastor Tim with questions or feedback at Thanks again for joining this study! May God use it in our lives to bring about His kingdom upon the earth.

Growing Up Together is structured into two 12-week courses: PLANT/WATER in Volume 1, and GROW/HARVEST in Volume 2. We will be conducting the first twelve week class in the spring of 2021 and the second class in the fall.