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Videos and Leader Guides for the PLANT Lessons

The Parable of the Sower in Mark 4:2-20 teaches us some basic principles about our spiritual growth. Jesus teaches that God (the farmer) desires to PLANT His Word into our hearts. Every plant starts from a seed, and the seed in this parable is the WORD OF GOD. A heart that is ready to live out the will of God is considered to be good soil and a person who has a hardened heart is considered to be bad soil for truth to grow in. God reveals His character to us through His Word, the Bible. (Mt. 13:1-9; Mk. 4:2-20; Lk. 8:4-8)

PLANT Lesson 1
PLANT Lesson 2
PLANT Lesson 3
PLANT Lesson 4
PLANT Lesson 5
PLANT Lesson 6